Q: How long is your performance?

A: A classical performance is 25 minutes long and consists of 7-8 songs. The length can be adjusted to accommodate your needs.

Q: What are your rates?

A: The rate is based on a number of factors. Mainly, it is determined by the total length of the show, including the wait time between the shows, if any. A typical party performance starts at $250. Wedding performances, requiring more preparation and attention, start from $300. The location is another major factor. Remote locations will incur transportation and time-for-travel fees. A quote will be provided based on all factors.

Q: Do you require a deposit?

A: Yes. No booking is valid nor honored without a  deposit. The $50 deposit is due at booking time and is non-refundable.

Q: How are the payments handled?

A: The $50 deposit is collected at the time of booking by online credit card payment through PayPal (payable to aisha@aisha-dance.com). Click here to pay. Alternatively, you can mail me a check at the address that I can provide. I will collect the balance payment in cash right after the performance.

Q: Is tipping allowed?

A: Yes, tips are appreciated. During the performance, the two appropriate ways of tipping are tucking them into the sides of the dancer's belt and throwing the tips over the dancer's head. The latter option is recommended and is in fact a traditional way of tipping in the Middle Eastern culture. No tipping into the dancer's bra or front/back of the belt is allowed. Alternatively, the client may include tips in the balance payment.

Q: What is the booking process?

A: I collect the deposit by PayPal (payable to aisha@aisha-dance.com) or mailed check, we sign the contract by mailing or faxing, and I collect the balance after the performance.

Q: Is audience participation allowed?

A: Absolutely! During certain songs, it is always encouraged from the willing guests, making the party burst in fun, excitement, laughter, and good memories. Any special people or guests of honor can be invited to dance with me if they feel comfortable. I also offer a photo opportunity to your guests, either during, or after the show.

Q: We will have little children at the party. Will your show be appropriate?

A: ALL of my belly dance shows are appropriate for any age. While a show could adopt a sensual character, it is never sexual, nor is it expected to be. I offer "family friendly" entertainment and in fact, the little ones become my biggest fans. They are the ones who would ask their arms be autographed after the show. :)

Q: Can I preview your performance before booking you?

A: Absolutely! I can advise you of upcoming public performances that you can visit during my show. Alternatively, I provide a large selection of videos on this website. Complemented with photos, clients' testimonials, and references, they can give you a good idea of what to expect.

Q: Are the photos and videos on your website recent?

A: The majority of my photos and videos are shot within the past 1-2 years and they are regularly updated with the new media for your enjoyment.

Q: Where are you from?

A: I am from Russia, the diverse country that spreads far to the South and East, and is affected by many cultures including the profound influence of the Middle East. As a result, belly dancing is hugely popular in Russia, the country of strong affection for beauty, art, and dance.