An amazing visit from the galaxy's favorite princess!

For your Star Wars fan or event guests, Aisha will perform a dance in which "Princess Leia" arrives to the dramatic "Star Wars Theme" music, dressed in her senator's white gown and toting a blaster.  Lights and fog fill the room as she flees from the pursuing, but unseen Darth Vader. 

Once she realizes she is safe, Leia's dance transforms into one of peace.  The music swells and her white gown falls away to reveal a shimmering silk veil.  As she performs to the music of "Leia's Theme", the power of the Force fills the room.

The silk veil falls away to reveal Leia wearing her "Jabba's slave" costume.  Things jump into a higher energy level as the music of the "Cantina Band" brings a sense of rowdy fun. 

For the finale, the classic "Imperial March" music plays, and things get a little scary as Leia reaches for her red lightsaber and proceeds to wield it with the power, moves and poses of a true Jedi. 

After the performance, Leia will gladly pose for photos with all her adoring fans!

Birthday Parties

 Great gift idea! 

Smart, tough and beautiful. Who didn't have a crush on Princess Leia?  Imagine the surprise, fun and excitement your Star Wars fan will have when she arrives in person at his birthday party.  

Her dance is amazing and she hangs around for pictures afterwards.

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Star Wars Princess Leia Dance